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David Choi: Getting Better or Worse?

Success is defined by what we think success is.

I think success is defined by our happiness with our life.  I don’t define success by money nor fame.  Neither of those can produce long term happiness or bring us people who we know truly love or like us for the individuals that we really are.  Success for me involves my family loving what they do and being kind to others.  When they can do what they love, I will be successful.  Well, maybe I’ll be successful once I can properly make gravy! lol  Oh, some day I will run away to the mountains and grow my own vegetables.  I think then personally I will be successful.  :)


What Does This Mean to You?

To me it means that the girl got away.  He had her but let her go or she broke up with him and he came to really regret it.  Before the music video I imagined that it was a situation where he was too scared to try a relationship with someone new. But now it is clear that the relationship happened and he regretted it was now over. Perhaps, even regretted that he made the decision to end it. 

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